Planet Agri


The escape game live is an intense and exciting race against the clock, which goal is to solve a riddles built around a story or a place, within the time limits, and using clues scattered around the participants.

This is a fun challenge in which several teams compete. This team activity, both entertaining and cerebral, is the ideal way to federate a working group within the professional framework of a seminar or a team building.

The Live Escape Game is an exceptional, convivial and innovative experience, favouring the exchange and the team cohesion. Logic, speed, ability to communicate, team spirit and leadership are the qualities necessary for the participants to be able to search the room, discover the hidden clues, decipher the messages and escape in the required time ... or not!

Do not hesitate to contact us because these events offer varied versions, and they can also be fully customized.

We collaborate with the SCRAP japanese group, one of the world leaders in the escape game, which guarantees a multitude of scenarios without forgetting the possibility of personalizing a game.

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